I know I am but what are you?


“All religions are equally false and equally true, depending on how you use them. You can use them in the service of the ego, or you can use them in the service of the Truth. If you believe only your religion is the Truth, you are using it in the service of the ego. Used in such a way, religion becomes ideology and creates an illusory sense of superiority as well as division and conflict between people. In the service of the Truth, religious teachings represent signposts or maps left behind by awakened humans to assist you in spiritual awakening, that is to say, in becoming free of identification with form.”


The State of the Union


First post in too long!   Not sure if we will have time to post on a regular basis, but this political season is too wacky to pass up.

Look good, feel great. Ignorpants now on sale.

Yes.  Isn’t it amazing how if we ignore something long enough it just goes away?  What? It doesn’t go away?  You can’t be serious.  YOU are ruining MY life.  Yes.  Isn’t is amazing how we can so easily blame others for our problems?  ME? No, can’t possibly be MY fault.  Someone else did it.  Yep.  They did. I can’t do anything wrong.  Never have, never will.  WELL, now you can be absolutely free from all blame without any of the guilt (as if you had any anyway). That is right. All you need to do is buy a pair of Ignorpants!  You heard me, slip on a pair of these for the office, at home, or anywhere you want.  It’s all about YOU.  Didn’t file your taxes? Ignorpants.  Ate someone else’s breakfast or lunch because you left yours at home? Ignorpants.  Need to make a left hand turn from the right lane? Ignorpants.  U-turns are a thing of the past.  Hey, did you forget to feed and walk the dog this morning so he chewed a leg off the coffee table then broke out of the house to knock over the neighbor’s trash?  You got it.  Ignorpants!  Casual, comfortable, and they LOOK great on you.  Honestly, why would you want any other pair of pants?  Ignorpants are the easiest and most cost effective way to really look good and feel great.  The fabric feels so nice against your skin.  Yeah, you could walk around showing your ass all day.  But, why?  Ignorpants are so affordable you might want to stock your entire closet.  You don’t need approval.  You don’t need permission.  You only need Ignorpants. They are made of high quality NASA engineered material strictly for the discerning consumer.  They have rigorously been tested and approved for the House of Representatives and the Senate.  CONGRESS wears them, so should YOU!  Social Security, Medicare, and your golf swing giving you headaches? No problem,  Ignorpants has got you covered.  Independent test have shown that people wearing Ignorpants worry less about over-packing at the airport, parking their cars, driving in general, talking loudly at restaurants, and complaining to total strangers.  Now available in Dress, Casual, Baggy, and Skinny for both men and women.