The Tragic Case of the Wanna-be Cop

The Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case is a tragedy that never should have happened.  Two people and their families have been forever affected by this.  The fact remains that Trayvon was guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  George Zimmerman made a BIG mistake.  He racially profiled Trayvon because he was a young black male in a hoodie.  Trayvon had not committed a crime that day and unless George Zimmerman had witnessed Trayvon involved in a crime he had no other reason to stop him OTHER than he fit the “profile” of a criminal in that neighborhood.  Trayvon was a teenager who walked to the store and was attempting to head home that day.  There is no doubt that both Trayvon and George Zimmerman acted in fear that day, but one had a gun and one had a can of soda.

“Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself” – Samuel Butler

Zimmerman’s only way out of this was to “claim” self defense.  The details of what happened are only known to Zimmerman and Trayvon.  The undeniable factor here is that racial profiling occurred by George Zimmerman and someone lost their life because of that.  If Trayvon was beating Zimmerman it was probably was because he feared for his own life.  Zimmerman should never have pursued the teen with a gun in his possession.  This type of vigilante justice is extremely dangerous for our society.  Call the police and give a description and allow the police to handle questioning.  Under questioning Trayvon would have been found to have every right to be in that neighborhood that day and two people lives would have returned to normal.  George Zimmerman was more of a danger to himself than Trayvon was.  If you want to carry a gun at least have the capacity to deescalate a situation without resorting to violence or the threat of violence.  You can’t solve violence with more violence just like you can’t solve stupidity with more stupidity.  It is far past time to evolve our thinking to a higher level of consciousness because, “Heedfulness is the path to the Deathless. Heedlessness is the path to death. The heedful die not. The heedless are as if dead already.” SQUAREROOTOFZERO


3 thoughts on “The Tragic Case of the Wanna-be Cop

  1. It appears the neighborhood knew Zimmerman was taking the role of Watchman. He didn’t call the cops about every citizen who was a young black male. You can look at his call records and he called about many white males and hispanics. Still, in the weeks before the incident black males had been arrested for break ins. A black male had pistol whipped a woman while in her home. But Zimmerman didn’t go jump on every black male who lived there thinking they were the suspect.

    But he did notice a tall person that he had never seen before. He saw him in the rain at night. He uses logic and figures if the person lived there they would go inside their home or know where a covering was to get out of the rain. He also notices the person appears to be casing homes. It was because Trayvon was using an earpiece to talk on the phone. From the distance you can’t tell he is on the phone(because the phone is not up to his ear). So what is this person doing in the rain staring at homes? I have never seen him. It doesn’t mean he is up to no good. I’ll just ask him what he is up to. But then Trayvon runs. Why run if you have done nothing wrong. If you run because you are scared why aren’t you yelling out “rapist” or “help”? Why not use the phone in your pocket to call the cops?

    It doesn’t matter what Zimmerman did as Trayvon has escaped. He was free. Zimmerman even told the dispatcher that the suspect was gone. It could have ended there and Trayvon would have had a coll story to tell his buddies. He instead chose to come back and start assualting Zimmerman. That is when Zimm was forced to defend himself. Especially when a bag of skittles in a pocket can look like a weapon.

    Further, if you listen to the tapes Zimmerman didn’t even know what color Trayvon was when he first called. He only found out he was Black when he got closer. He had called because of Trayvons suspicious actions and not the color of his skin, as the dark, distance and hoodie prevented Zimmerman from knowing that information.

    • Fine points and thanks for your comments. It absolutely makes zero sense for Trayvon to have attacked Zimmerman for no reason at all. The underlying point about the real culprits here, anger and fear. FEAR needs to be controlled and if both Trayvon or Zimmerman could have realized that there was nothing to be afraid of then this NEVER would have happened. Neither person had any intent to harm that night. I wouldn’t let your passion in defending Zimmerman blind you to the point: Do not let fear and anger drive you to ignore your own heart or close your mind. If you go searching for trouble you will certainly find it.

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