Only in America


Logic?  Who needs logic when you have an assault rifle pointed at everyone’s head?  I just don’t see why there can’t be more research done on violence, especially with guns.  The NRA released a video calling Obama a hypocrite for having Secret Service guard his daughters at school. Why shouldn’t the PRESIDENT of the United States have Secret Service guarding his daughters?   Just because the President has gun toting Secret Service protection then everyone else should too because that would be fair?  I’m not sure that you can fight ignorant behavior with more ignorance or fight gun violence with more guns.  Only in America can you drive down to Wal-Mart in your over-sized pick-up and park in a sea of asphalt to buy an 18 pack of beer, a semi-automatic rifle, and a set of plastic NASCAR mugs made in China.  Where is the logic in that?

There certainly are reasons to be concerned that Washington is taking more and more steps to limit freedom.  The debate needs to framed logically and not with the tough guy act of prying weapons from someone’s cold dead hands.  Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People by shooting them with a gun.  Some people think the Government should register guns.  Probably not going to happen anytime soon.  Some people think the Government should register “stupid people.”  The Government has already done that and they have given them a number.  I think it is called a Social Security number.  One way or another and at one time or another we would all make that list.  Just because a person has something to make them feel more in control than they really are doesn’t make it so.  A wise man can admit there is much that he does not know and does not need to fear death so much that he forgets to live.  That is the only thing that is certain in this world.  SQUAREROOTOFZERO


10 thoughts on “Only in America

  1. The rhetoric spewed forth by the NRA muddles the debate and turns it into a cacophony of idiocy. I wish people could calmly and rationally express and discuss their political opinions. It seems far to often that is an impossibility in this political climate.

      • We just have to do our best to rise above it. There will always be people who get all worked up over politics and there will always be somebody next to him ready to exploit the enthusiasm. What we need to do is try to develop reasonable and rational solutions then attempt to put them forth in what ever manner possible. Even just posting about it on blogs, forums, FB and Twitter can help get an idea out there.

    • Thank you for your comment Abandon TV. This video seems to essentially claim that welfare and the “breakdown” of “perfect” families are to blame for violence and there is a lot of data and charts, ect. Maybe this is true and maybe it is not. The question I have is does Politics influence “Money”…or does “Money” Influence Politics? Maybe the only real “data” we need is to read “Civil Disobedience” by Thoreau. The Government (and the legitimacy that it provides to Corporations) need(s) people to be “dependent.” A couple of things to do are: Shop local, get rid of large banks and go to a credit union, get rid of your cable (mass media), and possibly limit dependence on foreign goods like oil. Most of all remember this: Know thy self and know thy enemy, if you fight 1000 battles you will win 1000 battles.

      • “…This video seems to essentially claim that welfare and the “breakdown” of “perfect” families are to blame for violence and there is a lot of data and charts,…”

        It doesn’t really ‘claim’ that. He goes through the data (which is evidence, not a claim) which clearly shows a link between government ‘welfare’ programs (forced wealth redistribution programs) and increased poverty, break up of the family, social dysfunction, gang violence and gun crime.

        He shows that the vast majority of gun violence and murder in the US is gang-on-gang.

        He also shows that certain cities in the US account for the majority of all gun violence (having a similar levels of violence to ‘failed states’ in other parts of the world). If you take those welfare dependent/ broken family / gang culture cities out of the equation the US is about as peaceful as other developed nations.

        One thing about state gun confiscation by force (AKA ‘gun control’) is that BY DEFINITION only law abiding people will surrender their guns. People who have no respect for the law will always get hold of guns. Soon 3-D printers will be able to print guns! Therefore ‘gun control’ will have the effect of INCREASING the proportion of gun owners who are lawless. This will put the public at more risk and the public will no doubt start demanding more police protection (to replace the good, law abiding civilians who were all disarmed by the state via ‘gun control’)………Police state here we come! (just like Nazi Germany which also confiscated guns).

      • Thanks for the bit of clarification. I would just again re-iterate that could it be possible that these are ALL symptoms and not causes (or linked if you prefer). Could we look at charts showing the number of cars or T.V.’s in U.S. households and also show evidence of increased violence? This could go on and on ad-nauseum. What if the ONLY thing we have to fear… is fear…and ignorance/self deception is our true enemy? “Self-deception is like this. It blinds us to the true causes of problems, ad once we’re blind, all of the “solutions” we can think of will actually make matters worse.” What if we are blaming people (the Government, people on welfare) not because they need improvement, but because their shortcomings justify our own failure to improve. Something to consider.

  2. I agree that there is a certain lack of logic on both sides of this issue…but one thing I would like to add to your point about the President being guarded….I think most people (including me) just think it’s only right that if the President’s kids should be protected, why shouldn’t everyone else’s kids be as well? But guns are only one component of kids being safe at school ..too much attention is being put on guns….you can take away guns entirely….but it still wouldn’t guarantee kids safety…just like spending a billion dollars on a war in Iraq & Afghanistan hasn’t made us any safer from terrorists….

    • Thanks, Sumpterfriends for adding to the conversation. There is certainly a lack of logic on both sides. With schools and/or teachers having guns, how do the teachers/schools feel? Do they want guns? What if your child’s teacher or school refuses to carry a gun? I’m not sure if it even possible to guarantee anyone’s safety, even with Secret Service or all the weapons in the World. There isn’t any logic to that. I have a feeling much of these things, including the “war,” are symptoms of a larger disease with a certain wisdom, not just knowledge, being the key to dissolving the ignorance. If only it were profitable to do the right thing, teach children, or save lives then it would always be done, right away. Maybe we need to change our minds somehow about what is really important – perhaps it is similar to the difference between Heliocentric and Geocentric viewpoints. Thoughts are welcome.

      • it is a challenge to our society to reach beyond profits and fear to do what it is right… side is afraid of life without guns…the other side is afraid of life without them…..until we can overcome the fear…we will not be able to make the right choices….

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