This is a variation on an old joke, but I thought it needed updating.

The world was embroiled in war, political turmoil, there was famine, and there were water shortages.  Every day the people prayed to God. “God, save us from these things.”  But God was silent.  People died from violence, famine, and thirst.  Again, they prayed, “Please, please God save us, help us.”  Things only appeared to get worse.  Still, they prayed “God, please send us a political leader protected by your Grace and a Government more worthy of you.” Again, nothing was found to be acceptable.  As each person passed and they reached the heavens many of them asked, “God, why didn’t you save us? You did nothing.”  God said,  “I gave you fields and forests so you may grow more food, but you chopped them down to make room for your buildings.  You paved over the fields with your roads and put up fences.  You needed your Government only to protect what you thought of as yours.  You only had respect for things that which you created, not the rocks and trees.  I gave you rain so that you could replenish the water that you drank, but you laughingly poured it into the oceans.  I gave you metal so that you could build tools, but you built weapons to, also, protect what you thought of as yours.”  The people looked perplexed, and said, “But you gave us those things to overcome and conquer our harsh environment and to vanquish evil, how could that be?”  God continued,  “I am the earth and I am not the earth.  I am the sun and I am not the sun.  I am your eyes and I am not your eyes.  I am the tiny little spaces that holds all of nature together.  When I tried to hold it together, you tried to pull it apart.  You looked everywhere for Me and could not see Me, but I was there all the time.  I am like a circle, My center is everywhere and My circumference is nowhere.  My circle is your eye and My circle is not your eye because the eye can only be aware, but not see itself.  I gave you everything you needed.  I showed you in the reflection of a pool of water, all those tiny little circles, that was also My eye.  What you didn’t realize was that you only saw a reflection of reality.  You built the jar to hold the water, but you easily forgot about the space inside the jar.  All the seemingly empty spaces that hold nature together is reality.  The closer to reality you were, the closer to Me you were.”   Some people respectfully protested, “We read the Bible and went to church almost every week.”  God said, “Knowledge is not the same as a book nor is a book the same as your brain.  A book only contains a thimble full of knowledge in an ocean full of thought, but it is you who must go beyond what you can see and accept that there is much that you do not know.  If you wanted to compare Me to a sentence then I can be as complex as a trillion words or I can be as simple as One single word.”


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