Queen of Denial



Next Door to Reality.  What we have are two people competing in the Miss Clueless USA pageant but, they will both win the title of “Queen of Denial.”  When we talk about Government waste what we are talking about is somebody’s profit.  Ten million dollars on weapons that don’t work or are obsolete a week after they are made?  PROFIT.  Ten million dollars trying to make solar panels that never will see the light of day?  PROFIT.  On and on, ad nasueum.  Both parties are in collective denial that we can continue living in a world of financial rackets and swindles, indefinitely.  What we are arguing about is WHO will PROFIT and who will not.  From Medicare to the Federal Reserve playing a shell game just like common street hustlers, Romnobama tells us it can just keep going and going and going, like the Energizer bunny.

By not quite accepting, because they do not please us, things that are so, we spend our entire lives making meaningless gestures somewhere next door to reality.



Self-image.  We are attached to the idea of the self-image.  We believe that we have very defined roles to play with our families, in society, and at work.  We start to limit our thoughts, actions, and words to conform to those expectations about our perceived importance to play those roles.  Living in this way sets the stage for rigidity and a lot of resentment when you realize the role that you are playing really isn’t what you wanted after all.  Identifying so powerfully with a religion, political affiliation, or race serves only as a point of separation from everyone else.  The way we are approaching things is like getting in a car and not knowing where we are going but, because we are driving forward we feel like we are doing something. Not only that but, we get in a vehicle driven by desire in which we abandon reality in favor of a imaginary world, full of concepts, that we created.  Thinking this way is also like buying a chair and identifying with it so closely as YOUR chair that you start to think of the chair as a PART of you.  That is complete nonsense.  Yet, we do things like this everyday and wear our own “Queen of Denial” crowns. SQUAREROOTOFZERO


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