Monster Baby Toys

The Monster Babies are everywhere.  Monster Babies at your work place.  Monster Babies running for political office.  Their minds are sort of like two-year-old babies with sharp kitchen knives as toys.  Then the Adults come and take away their “toys” and all they can do is scream and cry about it.  It is as much use talking to them as it is rationalizing with a screaming baby.  They will not try to appeal to your mind, but only to your body, your senses.  They do not have honesty or wit. They only exert their “superiority” through physical means.  They want to force you to become like them.  What kind of life is that to live?  I can breathe on my own.  The Monster Babies are in dire straits and do not know what to do.  But, they can only help themselves.  I, myself, am not responsible for the success or failure their economic and political machinery.  The Monster Babies will try and punish you like angry children who will abuse a helpless animal.  They do this because they refuse to accurately direct their emotions at the real source of the problem.

The Monster Babies are soulless.  They are like ships stuck in the dirt, locked into place. They only love the soil that makes their graves.  They can be patriotic, but have no self-respect.  They will throw a parade over the latest and greatest discovery or technology, yet, their own minds and self exploration might as well be locked up in the center of the earth.  If only they can find a way to drill a hole there and let it out as if that were tantamount to the newest iPad release.  Let them go and study the habits of the workers in the iPad factories, or whatever trinkets they sell.  “I have more of God, they more of the road.”  It isn’t worth my time to go around the world and count all the mice in Bombay.  They can scream and cry.  I still wouldn’t let them play with knives.  They are just going to hurt themselves.  SQUAREROOTOFZERO


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