God, what are they doing down there?

It has been a while since I drew you a FUNNY cartoon.  You came here to LAUGH didn’t you.  But, instead I implanted IDEAS in your head to grease up the wheels of that brain of yours.  Well, when your JOB is SUPER BORING (what, do they give you a Reality-Check every two weeks?) you need little ways to fire up those neurons and go surfing on a brain wave every now and then.  Try it.

I’ve asked the new INTERN to create a video presentation to introduce herself and highlight any special talents.  We need an INTERN here so I can get a well made Martini and I won’t have to spend all my time drawing, typing, and thinking up a creative ways to ENTERTAIN you every couple of days.  Here is my cartoon and me “trying” to type less and “draw” more.  Jeez, this Smart Phone, Internet, Texting, Infotainment, Google Generation is so demanding.  SQUAREROOTOFZERO


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