Everybody loves Dinosaurs

Can you make an Economic Summit funny?  Sure you can.  Draw pictures of Dinosaurs.  Everybody loves Dinosaurs.  Especially Dinosaurs that eat people and talk about eating people.  I know, I know. You want to HATE me for saying things like:  No mode of thinking or doing can be trusted no matter how ANCIENT it is without sufficient proof.  You want to PUNCH me in the face for saying: Everything that everyone says, does, or thinks as right or wrong can turn into DUST and blow away right from underneath our very feet.  What is true today we will find might NOT to be true tomorrow.  Right?  Makes you want go T-Rex and start wrecking the place?  More? Okay.  Why should the young heed advice from old “dinosaurs”?  Age is not a qualified instructor for youth because it has not profited nearly as much as it has lost.  HAHA.  I’m not finished, yet.

Society DOES NOT advance because it dwindles just as fast from one side as it increases on the other side.  It is like a wave.  A wave moves forward, but the water is always there still.  People that make up our nations today, will die and take their experiences with them.  The usual experience of humans is that they mold themselves as best as they can to their particular line of work or trade and then will tend to it just like an animal turns a spit.  They then become a part of the machine that they intend to move and are now lost, in a way.  Sometimes it might be the things that a person does NOT do versus the things that he, or she, does do that can have the greatest impact.  If you water a tree in a pot everyday you risk drowning it.  If you DO NOT water that tree then you will be doing it more good than overly-tending to it.  It is easy to measure the things a person does, but not the space they create to allow room for better things.  If I choose not to angrily say something to someone then there is no measure, or visible evidence, of my restraint.  Angry words soon become angry actions.

“Speak only if it can improve upon silence”

It is like leaving room in your coffee or tea for a little cream and sugar.  The coffee, or tea,  is the experience, but the room is to lightly add cream or sugar to make it a little sweeter.  Sometimes it is best to create space in your mind than to fill it up with useless things or create tasks simply to keep yourself occupied.  If life and time is so precious then why do we waste so much of it doing busy work and make haste to drown ourselves before we even breathe the air?  Restraint does not mean to repudiate all things in this world it is only to recognize that ALL things eventually pass away.   Just like the Dinosaurs.  SQUAREROOTOFZERO


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