Swimming in Starbucks

Full City roast or French?  Seems like everyone is running to Starbucks every five minutes. Is there anything more important in life than increasing its speed?  “Fast paced environment” is just another phrase for “we expect you to LOVE being overworked”.  “Ability to multi-task” is also code for “we want you to do the work of two or three people.”   A cart before a horse is not beautiful or useful.   Where do these morons get off?  Next stop the Circus?  Everyone get on the moron train.  Choo, Choo.  AND then these idiot proprietors of impropriety want to give you advice.  YEAH.  RIGHT.  Why would I want to be degraded enough to work in or build some giant tomb for some ambitious ASShole?  I would be better off living with a pack of wolves, not to mention it would be manlier and more respectable.  Wolves would at least let me chew on a bone.  It is also ambitious to spend our time digging to China so we can hear the kettles and pots rattling, or grab a cup of ramen noodles.  I would rather NOT go too far out of my way to admire the giant hole we will leave behind.  One small piece of good sense would be better than a office tower higher than the moon.  I could invent some excuse for it.  But, I won’t.  Did you walk out the door and forget your Ignor-pants again?  Looks like we will all be swimming in Starbucks, until we drown.


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