Out of touch?

Do you think some people are just out of touch with reality?  Maybe their expectations do not line up with most NORMAL people’s?  The World’s Greatest Coffee Monster Boss thinks his ass smells like roses.  Certainly he must because everyone is expected to kiss it all the time.  Pucker up!  Doing your job right will probably end up with a swift KICK to the face.  You have got to be ruthless.  Get down in the MUD and start slinging.  Take commissions from lower level employees and add it to your bottom line. CHECK.  Play accounting tricks.  CHECK.  BLAME everyone else.  CHECK.  That’s the way you get ahead. Because the Coffee Monster Boss doesn’t know how to think he only knows how to count.  He is like a greedy little cheerleader.  One dollar, two dollars, three dollars, four!  Come on team, we’ve got to get more!  If only the American dream wasn’t becoming a big new house with 6,000 channels of TV in every room, a new car in the garage every year, and endless vacation pictures to post on Facebook.  But, we’ve got to keep up with the Jones’ stuff.  But, that is what drives us into progress right?  THE FUTURE!  PROGRESS!  TECHNOLOGY!  WEALTH!  RESPECT!  Progress for Progress sake.  I guess it one of those things that makes you go, Hmmmmmm.


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