Good to the last drop!

How are you doing today?  What are you selling?  We are all selling something.  Even if is is just your soul to the devil.  Like ME.  My boss is an ego-driven maniac with coffee intravenously dripping into his veins.  He yells “SELL, SELL, SELL!”  at every meeting.  His cornflower blue ties might be stopping the flow of blood and oxygen to his pea-brain.  He has a secretary that does nothing, but make coffee and schedule his personal appointments.  Then he throws his pencils across the room and shouts “if you need anything done right, you HAVE to do it yourself!”  I would quit, but just laughing at him and making fun of him is so much fun for me. I have considered the possibility that he is actually just insane.  I have heard him say on occasion that he is, “the machine that turns the world.” I am not sure what that means, but it sounds really strange to me.  I often wonder if I am the crazy one. But, I don’t go around calling myself a machine.  He recently moved from Brentwood to Beverly Hills.  He mentions Beverly Hills in every conversation.  Such as: “How are you doing today?” Response: “Well, I was jogging this morning from my house in Beverly Hills and I thought to myself, I really need a raise.  The expectations in Beverly Hills are so high.  My three year old Mercedes just doesn’t send the right message over in Beverly Hills.  I need to take my neighbor golfing.  I want him to invest in this company and I need to impress him.  Beverly Hills is so much better than Brentwood.  You have got to try this amazing steakhouse I found in Beverly Hills.  It was the most amazing steak I have ever eaten.  I’m so glad I moved to Beverly Hills.”  Yeah, as if I could actually afford to eat steak at a restaurant in Beverly Hills on what I get paid.  They might as well hand me a sack of peanuts.  Then I can run away and join the circus as an elephant trainer.


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