The Sound of Silence

Hey! This is Charlie.  I was in a city called San Francisco for Halloween.  I couldn’t decide on going out as a regular monster or a Coffee Monster.  There are so many places to get coffee and I thought there must be a lot of coffee monsters there already.  So I just went as a regular monster.  There is this big pointy pyramid building that looks like a rocket-ship.  I went over there to see if I could find any robots or aliens.  The sun was always directly behind the building for some reason and all I could see were people’s shadows.  One of the Subway Prophets told me that the great Eye of Providence is on the top.  I think that means you can see really far from up there.  I could also see that the Prophets left their secret language scribbled on the walls of their tin-mint halls (I guess the prophets live in tin houses that smell like mint).  There were people dressed up as homeless people and walked around with shopping carts!  Oh, Halloween.  People get so creative.  Some of them really got into it and kept asking for change.  People were laughing so much when they saw it.  Sometimes they pointed and ran away.

I took some photos and you can check them out!  There is a new SquareRootPhotos page!


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