Is Wall Street Greedy or is OccupyWallStreet just an angry mob?

It seems everyone has an opinion these days.  What is yours?  Is OccupyWallStreet a street carnival as some members of the media claim or is it real change?  Why should anyone be angry at Wall Street?  I mean, after all, it is just a street.  Sure, somebody that works over there must have known about the alphabet soup of mortgage based investments.  But, isn’t that the point of capitalism just to make money and nothing else?  There are winners and losers.  Goldman Sachs – 12,  Americans – 0.  Oh yeah, bigger, stronger, faster booh-yahhh.  What did Wall Street do for you lately?  They do everything like build houses, treat the sick, and they even put food on the table because instead of doing the work that it takes to do those things they just figure out how to make money off of it because they PAY for it.  Yeah, it is pretty cool.  The Federal Reserve and the U.S Treasury prints money and loans it to the banks and then they loan it to you!  Much smarter than you.  Credit cards! Pure genius!   Where would you be without them, still living in a CAVE?  “Short selling” the housing market, BOOM. Score a few more points on that one GoldMAN!  Farmers and Second grade teachers are so 1979.  Can those losers dice up ten-thousand dollars and sprinkle that on their side salads at McDonalds?  LOSERS just hold up signs and the smart people buy the referees.  Get out your VISA and get with the program because life doesn’t take American Express.


4 thoughts on “Is Wall Street Greedy or is OccupyWallStreet just an angry mob?

  1. Damn you. I find this offensive. It is so true that I didn’t actually just laugh at it. I cried real tears and I’m an emotional wreck. Then I ate a chocolate bar, got the half-caff half-fat soy latte Venti with two pumps of mocha and two pumps of vanilla syrup, and one of those pastries with cheese in the center. Are you happy?

  2. I have hope the Occupy movement is real change. The movement has potential to become something great, as do most things — so I am not really saying much. At least it’s something damn it (pounds fist in attempt to encourage myself), maybe it can shake loose the apathy that has gripped our generations. The movement may be a bit naive, because some think the system can be changed or rescued, but I believe the system is so far corrupted and damaged that to attempt to repair or change our economical political system would do one of two things: bring down the fury of the capitalistic iron fist or close the door on one scheme and the crooks would go in through the window, pardon the poor analogy.

    What is most likely to happen is these peaceful protests will turn into violence. Not by the choice of the protesters, but by those protecting the corporate interests. If the public can stand up to the violence brought upon them and continue a peaceful resistance we will win. What we win, well….that remains to be seen.

    Check out this article I stumbled on:

    • “Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery.” Wall Street isn’t happy, but they just do a better job pretending because money and influence is like a drug for them. It was only a matter of time before thy cup runneth over. Oh, and they wear Ignorpants.

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