Charlie, the Magic Castle, and Hollywoodland

Hi.  I’m Charlie.  I live in a Magic Castle somewhere in a place called Hollywoodland.  It is a big city with tall buildings and important people.  My pictures are like Sesame Street for adults because, let’s face it, most of us have a Peter Pan complex.  I can fly!  Nevermind. Damn it, why can’t I FLY!?  Oh, I have a fish and his name is Alpha the Beta.  I refer to him as Captain Alpha sometimes even though he doesn’t have a ship.  I have another friend whose name is Frosty.  I’ve never seen a snowman rip it up on a surfboard like he can.  In fact, I have never seen a snowman rip it up on surfboard.  All he ever wanted to do was become a professional surfer and everyone told him he couldn’t do it.  He caught a huge wave in a Hawaiian surfing contest on his first time.  I wonder how the competition worked out for him?  If you would like to know more about me and follow my hilarious journey you can click on the “follow” link on this page or type in your e-mail to subscribe. You will be notified via e-mail when there is a new post to this page.  Good Monsters like me would never use it for anything else but to update you about this blog so there is no need to worry.  There are some crazy Monsters out there who would try and use it for their evil plans (I think they are called Marketers), but I just like to make fun of them.  I hope that we can become friends and you will like the things I have to say.  It is pretty no-holds-barred like a ninja kick to the back of the head.  I realize that you might think that I am not real and perhaps just pseudonym for a guy in the cubicle space next to you, your next door neighbor, or that crazy guy with a shopping cart on the corner, but I still hope you will want to follow along with me.  Monsters can sometime be scary, but I will try NOT to scare you at all.  I just want to make you laugh your ass off.  After all, isn’t life scary enough?  Especially if you lose your ass. That would be weird and everyone would point at you.


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