International Space Station is Now Accepting Applications to Rent “Space”

Oh, it’s a brave new world, by Ford!  The slick little monsters think they’ve got it all figured out!  The monsters have a great NEW plan to send everyone over to China and India.  Of course, when they’ve eaten everything over there they will want to set up colonies on the moon.  They are going to take over the International Space Station and begin renting “space”.  That is right.  You will now be able to rent you’re very own piece of space. It is such a good plan because the universe is INFINITE.  Those monsters are so smart.  I think it is because of all the coffee that they need to stay up at night just thinking up such wonderful plans!  I wonder what I will do with my little piece of space.  Just float around and look at the tiny little world?  I wonder how many flips I can do before I throw-up?  We can make space twirling a new Olympic sport.  WE should all practice by doing cartwheels in our front yards or in a park.  We can build robots out of old Tv’s, microwaves, and Segways and travel to space in our very own personal Ford spacecraft.  Can I get mine with the optional Luis Vuitton seat covers?  I can watch TV, prepare a hot meal, and not even have to get up to find the remote.  The monsters think we should thank them for everything that they have DONE for us.  They are very special. Very special indeed.


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