Little Baby Monsters

The Coffee Monsters have big babies who cry and crap in their pants.  Then it comes flowing down the hill until you’re walking along and you look down and your shoes are buried in it.  The poor babies didn’t know that they shouldn’t make a mess in their pants.  Oh, look how cute they are.  Then they chew your arm off trying to get the bottle out of your hand.  CHOMP, CHOMP.  These babies are hungry.  They eat and eat and want to be fed ALL the time.  They don’t like being told that they can’t take toys away from others.  Baby monsters speak in a language no one understands but, get upset that no one understands them.  They act uncontrollably strange because they are afraid of the world and that someone is going to take their toys away.  They want all the toys so they can eat them.  Baby monsters love to hear how special they are. They DO NOT like to be told that they can’t have something.  They can justify their little baby behavior because their little baby brains aren’t fully formed yet.  Ignorant and silly monster babies, with insatiable appetites, blissfully tucked away with a bottle, blanket, and all their little toys.  Baby monsters are not to be engaged with at any time.  Or you will drown in their poop. It is highly recommended to just leave them alone.


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